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Hello Mums..
Just after some advice.
My ex husband was caught cheating with other men 2 years ago. We separated and have been divorced for 3 months now.
When I found out about the cheating, which was followed by finding out about the lying and gambling and stealing from his family business.. I was DEVASTATED.

He gave me reason to believe at the time that he was very depressed and believe it or not (what was I thinking?!?!) I agreed to 50/50 care of our 7 year old son.

A few months ago my ex gave our son his old mobile phone (even though I asked him not to) and he did not bother to clear old messages or even shut down a group he was in called
So on the phone were messages about drug deals, sex workers and more. There were more than 100 messages where he was trying to get into porno movies (and got rejected) and where he was looking for anal sex and claiming to have coke to party with etc.

I of course confiscated the phone straight away!!

I would like to go for full custody of our son as I dont believe he is fit to have him for 50% of the time.
Unfortunately he (and more so his family) are quite well off, I am not. I have a pro bono lawyer trying to get what I deserve, but its a long battle. And if I do ever get anything I would like to use it as a deposit on a house for my son and I.

So Im wondering how I go about getting custody of my son with no money.
Naturally I will spend every cent I have to get him, but the truth is I have nothing at all, I walked away with nothing. (I even worked for his family business for 8 years and had to leave when I found out he was cheating, so had to get new work etc).

Any help would be appreciated.


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