Child failing 3 classes at new school.

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We moved from out of state to Texas this summer. My middle child had ADHD and dyslexia. Report cards are coming out in a few weeks and he is failing 3 classes and almost failing another class. I have had a meeting with the counselor and emailed teachers to try to help him. I'm at a loss.


Ariana - posted on 09/24/2013




This is a time to try and get better communication with the teachers. Try to have a meeting with them and see what you (and your son!) can do to improve the situation. Is there a way you can communicate with the teachers each day?

I know it's used mostly for the early grades but they have a communication bag where they have a journal that the teacher and parent can write in to one another. Maybe your son could be requested to give the teacher the notebook and you and the teacher respond to each other every day (I say every day no matter what so that your son does not try to rip any pages out and pretend the teacher wrote nothing, or that you wrote nothing). It's just an idea so that he knows you are communicating with the teachers on his work/behavior in class.

On that note he is most likely struggling and avoiding the work/giving up. It may be necessary to get him a tutor to help him organize and learn the subjects. You may also want to give him a 'school-work' time. So maybe before he can go out with friends he needs to work for a certain amount of time each day. He more than likely needs studying skills etc.

I was a terrible student in school and it was mostly due to having difficulties with organization and trouble with the work. I wish I had gotten a tutor and had been more organized, since I didn't mind the classes as much as I got frustrated with how difficult I found the work. Hope some of this helps a bit!

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