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We got married in 2014, he is having 2 daughters and I am having 1, he does not involve me in his kids maintenance nor discuss his finances with me. Worse part is he is paying bills for his family, supporting his sisters daughter and even pay medical aid for her, the sisters daughter. Will it be advisable for me to confront the situation or should I just let it go, because he is doing nothing for my daughter.


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Jodi - posted on 01/05/2016




You've been married, what, a year? You didn't have these discussions BEFORE you got married? Because I assure you, he was paying for these people before you were ever in the picture - so what makes you think this should change because you are there now? Why is he obligated to support your daughter? She isn't his responsibility, she is your responsibility.

Ultimately, you have absolutely no say in what he is doing to support his children. That is either an agreement he has with his ex, or based on an order that is in place.

Perhaps you should make sure you have something in place with your daughter's father.

If you are unhappy about him paying for things for his other family, then maybe have a conversation with him.

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So, he's got two kids, that he is supporting along with other family. You have one kid, presumably not his (said 'he has two, i have one'), and you are concerned about his level of spending for maintenance for his family.

May I ask what financial discussions you had prior to committing to a life long marriage?

To be quite honest, he should not have to pay for child support for YOUR child that is not his. That is on you and the child's father. If he has agreed to pay medical or other expenses for other family members, he 'should' have discussed it with you if the decision was made after your marriage. If the financial arrangements for his other family members were ongoing before you married, the time to address that was THEN.

What child support agreements are in place for YOUR child? If there are none, then I'd suggest you get some. As far as the current situation, confrontation is probably not the best choice. How about adult discussion? simple conversation leading to a positive outcome?

Dove - posted on 01/05/2016




Finances are something you should have discussed and agreed upon prior to marriage.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/05/2016




How long have you been together? Does he act like a father figure to your daughter? Do you get child support? Do you have your own bank accounts or is it shared? So many more questions. My first thought is, he needs to take care of his daughters. My second is, if you share an account, then you should possibly have some say about what is happening financially (aside from supporting his daughters).

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