Child neglect

Shelby - posted on 12/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I have an older sister with two beautiful girls 4 and 20m to which I'm worried constantly about
see my sister has a good heart but not where it really matters, her family.
She drinks in front of the girls with their dad all the time,2-3 a week. The oldest even knows how to fetch her moms beer for her.
They go outside together to smoke up and the oldest knows and has told me they go out front to smoke weed.. She's four..
Now to the brutal issue
My sister is a pig and a slob
Not joking they live in filth absolute disgusting messes
Rotten food spilt on the floor
Dirty clothes, toys, beer cans and the funk of
Cat piss and old garbage is what I saw
Today when I went to their house
My sister has mega mental health issues she's never delt with but it's no excuse
Everyone in my family will talk about it and how it needs to change
But when confronted about anything my sister gets livid mad
There's no changing her and her husband
I want to call social services on her so badly
Even her daughter told her she's a bad mom
My sister is a college student who is supposed to be done this week after spending four n a half years constantly busy with her studies but decided she wants to double major
Which would sound nice but she never spends real time with her girls
Help moms please
This is my first posting after finding this page while looking up the number to call social services on my own sister :(


Phoenix - posted on 12/12/2013




As you said she is your sister but those children are most important. If I saw this happening in my town I would report it. For the children's best interest I think it should be reported to social services. Those little children need the best start to life and by the sounds of it they aren't getting it.

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