Child's dad and stepmother are driving me insane. Help!

Tiffany - posted on 10/09/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm honestly on the verge of another mental breakdown. I have full custody of my son. His dad has weekend visitation. He left me when I was pg for his now wife. They're both crazy and for some reason stepmom hates me. My son is 8 and his dad has taken me to count 6 times for full custody. They want to take my baby away even tho I'm a great mom. I know they can't actually take him bc I am a good mom but it's still very overwhelming. It has affect on my son too even tho I try so hard to shield him from all this drama, dad and stepmom feel the need to talk bad of me to him. There's physical fights bw the two of them which my son has witnessed. They call and e-mail his teachers and talk bad of me. They're both so very manipulative and vindictive. Dad is on tabs illegally, has been for yrs.. idk what to do anymore. There's so much more to tell but it'd take hrs to type it all. Is there anyone else going thru this?


Dove - posted on 10/09/2014




Get your son into counseling w/ a therapist willing to testify in court (some will, a lot won't).

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