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Winifred - posted on 01/20/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a 23 year old single mother of my 4 year old daughter. She is my pride and joy ladies. I have a question about taking her father for child support. Yes it has been 4 years, your probably thinking why take this long. This isn't my first time considering it trust me. In the beginning he was there not financially but he would keep her while I went to work. After a couple months to a year it started to be a hassle to have her with him while I go and make the money that feeds, clothe, and keep a roof over her head. He has had one job for a month which she received not one dime of the money. He works with his uncle getting paid under the table and she still receives nothing his parent do for her. I can no longer handle it financially my back is against the wall. I contact him about helping and he will not respond. He does get her well as of this year he has gotten her on the weekends. I just let him know that he has until this Friday to come up with something a plan anything... Please give me some advice. Thank you!


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Jodi - posted on 01/20/2013




Call the tax office and report that he is earning undeclared income and then officially file for child support. I know where I live you can claim back-support for up to 12 months.

Ev - posted on 01/20/2013




Get a lawyer and start proceedings for child support. Unless you get it in writing and the court orders it there is little that you can do to make him give you the funds to take care of your child. Even if he only gets the minimum to start with, you can later take him back to get the support upped if he makes more money. You should have started this when she was born.

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