Child Support .. Childs father has no job

Alisha - posted on 04/22/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was wondering what is the repercussions for a man who is put on child support but does not have a job ? I've gone 5 months with taking care of my daughter by myself but the seasonal job I recently had has ended and I wanted to file for government assistance in the meantime until work comes along . The particular assistance I will be receiving requires me to put my daughters father on child support but the problem is he sells drugs which we all know is not a legit job . He is 23 y/o , in and out of jail and has never worked a real 9 to 5 and I don't see him trying to get one in the near future . I spoke with many people who said I should put him on child support but I know that men who actually have jobs and don't pay usually have warrants for their arrests or are on jail bc of back child support . Granted my daughters father is a piece of shit I wouldn't want to add to the jail time he may receive bc of back child support payments if any . I would like him to get a job and help support our child but in the meantime I feel as though me putting him on child support when he doesn't have a job will hinder him from looking or getting one bc I assume there will be a warrant for his arrest ? I'm confused on the whole thing bc I'm not sure if I put him on it will a judge give him some sort of leniency bc he is not working or what ? What are the consequences ? Anyone's answers are welcome and please don't judge me off the fact that I have a child by someone who sells drugs ..


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I agree with Jodi on this. You should not put your daughter's needs on hold because the father is not working and is dealing drugs. He helped create this child and he is also responsible for her. He is getting a free ride right now because you have not put him on child support. Do what you need to for the baby and let him worry about the consequences of his own actions or inactions.

Jodi - posted on 04/22/2014




You have to think of yourself and your daughter. Stop worrying about him, he's a big boy, he can handle himself. Put him on child support. And while you are at it, get evidence of his drug dealing and file for custody and keep your daughter the hell away from him and the drug dealing situation.


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Alisha - posted on 04/23/2014




Thank you both I think that may be what I do it's been 4 months since he's last seen her and even before then he was not helping financially and only saw her when he felt like it which was every other week

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