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Anna - posted on 06/03/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need a little info, maybe someone has had the same issue. I have been in the establishment process with the AG for years now. I finally got a letter in to come into the CS office. I was asked info on the bio " that I was able to provide". I was then told that I needed to send in my divorce decree, and from there they would begin garnishing his wages. It seems unreal. Reason being is because there is no agreement for support within my decree. My ex husband of course took the cheap way out "or his way" when he petitioned. I was so ready to get him over with that I signed. I just noticed that I signed a decree that states we have no minor children. We have 3 children together, within the time of our marriage. They are all his children,so now I am worried about having to go through a bunch of mess to get support. I have been trying for years. This man is now remarried with more children, and has children before mine. He has a total of 10 children if not more. It has been very difficult getting this man to do anything. 2 years ago he sent me $60. Last year he sent me $45. His new girlfriend is a wreck to deal with. She constantly stalks me and mocks everything I do. She has my children blocked from his facebook, well he told me she is the one who did it. She used to brag about how he does all of these wonderful things for her and their children " for my kids to see"! In reality I know it is a bunch of BS because I was married to him for 10 years, and I know its not all that great. That is beside the point. The point is this man has 10 children, 8 of which he had chosen to neglect their entire lives. My children do not go without anything, but it would be nice if they could do a lot more of what they want. If I had the support I could provide that for them. I am at my ends with this mess, and need some good advice on what I should go about doing next.


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Ev - posted on 06/03/2015




And why would you agree to a document stating the kids were not his in a court of law and how come the judge did nothing about it? I am kinda wondering how you got divorced with no custody etc in the mix?

Michelle - posted on 06/03/2015




You really would be better off talking to a lawyer.
Is he on the birth certificates? If so then he would have to prove the children aren't his.

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