Child support for 21 year old college student.

Tracy - posted on 12/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My child graduated from high School in 2011, he was accepted by a four year university. My ex-husband knew this, but my child turned 21 and the support stopped. He still has two more years to finish. His school only has off campus housing, he needs the support to pay bills and basically live from day to day. His rent is paid through his tuition.

I need to know what action I can take, if any. My son is in another state over 1100 miles away, I worry that he will have to come back home with out finishing, due to lack of financial support.

I know my child works hard and makes good grades (I call the school after every semester).


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Ev - posted on 12/02/2013




I do not know the laws anymore but when I divorced child support was paid until 18. I have heard others talk about it and say that it covers college years if the kid goes on to school after high school. I am not certain. But I do not think that at 21 a kid will get child support anymore. By this point they are or should be competent enough to get a job even part time to help pay for the costs of school and such. You really need to check the laws of your state. That is all I can offer. But I do think that child support stops at 18 but the parents are supposed to help pay for half of the school costs. Do not quote me on it though.

Jodi - posted on 12/02/2013




I don't know the laws where you live, but has he considered getting a job? Sorry, but my stepdaughter lives away from home, is in full time university and she has a job supporting herself these days. Surely he can get a job to pay for some of this, and you can pitch in some of it? After all, child support is never intended to pay ALL of a child's costs because a mother is supposed to provide support too. And 21 is plenty old enough to get a job to help out.

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