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I need help i have a child support hearing in just two weeks and i need to know what to bring. Basically the father of my son hasn't helped since the baby was born actually didn't even help me prepare for the baby. when i got pegnant my parents were the ones who helped me buy everything for my baby, because i didn't work i only went to school, thankfully i graduated high school because of the help of my parents. When i had the baby my parents been the one helping out and i owe money to my parents because they been the one helping out with all the expenses of the baby. i am looking for a job and wanting to go to college, my mom is the one whos been doing the taxes for the baby because i didn't have any papers, until this year i got my papers and i am looking for a job. but with those taxes i use the money for the baby to buy everyhing he needs even pay rent. so the father of my baby doesnt help out all he does is wanting to see the baby but no helping out. and when he wants to help out he only gives me $30 dollars and thats it. i just want to know what kind of papers i bring if i don't work and my mom is the one who is doing the taxes for the baby while i'm looking for a job. i live in new york


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The court clerk should be able to tell you what forms you need to have filled out. Where I live there was a financial disclosure that I had to fill out with my monthly income and all my expenses, it also listed a section for other $ which is probably where you would list any $ your mom is giving you.

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