Child support issues- sort of

Sarah - posted on 10/12/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My boyfriend and I have just had a baby together (unplanned) and as are most young couples, we are strugglig with money. To top it off he has a daughter with another woman and he gives her money every month to help support their daughter. The money he pays however is not child support as his income is very low. It is instead an amount they agreed on in writing. (she was a one night stand)

I am annoyed and feeling rather shitty atm as this month he payed an extra £30 towards their child as she had grown out of clothes and needed a few new bits. So this was extra on top of what he had already gave the mother for this month.

My boyfriend and I's son is now 3 months old and he pays nothing towards him. I buy my babys clothes, nappies, wipes everything and when confronted my boyfriend stated he can not afford to pay towards our child too? I was maybe hoping that seen as he gives his daughter money every month, he could put the same amount into a savings account for our son as surely this is only fair?

He also added that our child has a more supportive family than his daughter, even though this is techincally irrelevant. I do not want to rely on my parents. I do know money is tight but i struggle to look after myself as all my money goes to our son and i have no room to save for him! I am unfortunalty on benefits (only while on maaternity leave). the other woman is always on them! and i think she gets a lot more then me!!! How is this fair and what should i do. Bare in mind i love my boy friend and we are very happy. he has never annoyed me like this before...Im speechless

I do ot know

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