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Kimi - posted on 03/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




For almost 3 years the child support office has supposedly been looking for my son's father to help me in getting him to help take care of the child he helped me to create. It has been three years and they seem to be no closer than they were three years ago to finding him. I have given them all the information I have on him and am now at my wits end. There are so many reasons (other than the obvious needing financial help) that I need to find this man. I cannot form my sons opinion of this man that is his choice. Has anyone else had trouble with the child support office not finding the father of their child or am I alone in this??


Tee - posted on 03/26/2012




No you are not alone. I had the same problems with my oldest son's biological. I went to court throughout 1992 to 1994 and he never showed up. Would call and give them his address and nothing. From 1994 to 3004 sporadic court dates with him not showing. Finally went back to child support in 2004 having a hissy fit because nothing was being done. They were dropping the ball. In 2004 the courts named the biological as the dad and issued a child support order. In 2005 I started receiving some child support, though not on a regular basis.

In my case, I have never depended on getting the money as I knew it would not be much if anything due to the number of children he had after my son. So receiving anything was a pleasant surprise.

The best advice I can offer is don't say anything that will show him in a negative light to your son. When your son is older he will appreciate that you left it up to him to form his own opinions about his father. If you already have a support order try talking to a family law lawyer and see what your options are as far as getting the support you were awarded. If you do not yet have a support order see what can be done legally to obtain it. Some counties / states will set a default amount without the father being present if he has missed a set amount of court dates.

Good luck

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