Child Support Vs. Visitation/Custody: Absent Father

Elfi - posted on 11/14/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




After an on and off 10 year relationship and a pregnancy, I decided to end a verbally abusive relationship. We broke up when I was 2 months pregnant. My daughter is 3 year old already. He never called, emailed or texted. His father and brothers call sometimes and I have taken my daughter to visit them. They have said he doesn't want to hear a word about my daughter or myself.
After three years, I decided to apply to child support. He called the next day he got the letter asking me to make an agreement without going to court. I said "no". The whole convo was about this. He didn't ask about his daughter. He reached me a week after to "inform me" (in my head to threaten me) that as I want to go to court for child support, he will tell the judge that he wants to have her for Christmas.
Even though he has never been involved in her life and has never cared about her, I do want my daughter to have a father, but I think that at this point it is not safe/healthy to have him take my little one without supervision.
My question is, will the judge allow something like this considering that he doesn't even know her? he hasn't even seen her once. Our hearing for child support is next week, and I am not sure if visitation/custody will be discussed as well. I only applied for child support. I guess he has to apply for visitation if he wants to. Will I need a lawyer to go to the child support hearing? I can't afford one.
I know he is living with the woman that according to him once threatened him with a knife. I do not think it is safe to have my daughter around her.
Please help. Thank you.
(New Jersey)


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Well, you're going to need proof if you want him to have only supervised visits and no overnights.

I would recommend an attorney

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