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My chld is 5yrs old .her father seen 3 time when she 1.Then he disappear no contact nothing.then year ago he email want my daughter to get test because new child has sickle cell. He has been order to pay 130 a month my child hasn't got any. But he paid the 250 to keep himself out of jail. Now he when file a court order for visitation. My baby hasn't seen him in 4 yrs,do not know him. Help

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First thing i never visitation pending if he or did not pay child support. I said has not pay child support or seen or try to contact or see about her in 4 yrs.

Dove - posted on 05/16/2016




Like Raye mentioned... provide all the documented evidence that he has not been involved at all in 4 years and have your lawyer push for supervised visitations.

He does have a right to pursue visitations... and you have a right to present the evidence that shows unsupervised access is likely to be traumatic at this point until your child gets to know him.

Good luck!

Raye - posted on 05/16/2016




So, you should very nicely explain to the court that he has previously chosen to stay out of contact, submit any PROOF of behavior that may put your child at risk, and request that he have supervised visits to see how he and the child get along. If he's supposed to be paying child support, but doesn't, then you need to address this with the support enforcement agency. Child support is a separate thing from custody/visitation and the father's rights are not contingent upon payment or non-payment of support. Your child is not a possession to be rented to him only if he pays. Likewise, paying wouldn't guarantee him visitation. He is still the child's father, and the child should be allowed a relationship with him if he's willing and he's not proven to be a danger to her.

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