child visitation advice

Jessica - posted on 02/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a very unique situation. I have 4 year old twins. the father has not been around for almost 3 years. I get child support but only $12 a week (thats combined for both). He has taken me to court for DNA out of spite and visitation (but did not show up). I live in NYC and he lives somewhere in PA. We have a past of domestic violence and he used to do it in front of my kids. He has 2 other kids that his mom has custody of. He has a record but no convictions and has attempted to kill himself by overdose.
Now me I've been on my own with my children since I was 19. I'm a full time student in my 4th semester going for my BA. The kids have speech disabilities and all of that is always taken care of as well as their health, everything is up to date.
I know I'm the best parent I can be but with past issues of DV and being absent in my kids life for so long I dont feel he should have any right to see the children. I've tried when we first split to establish something but he doesnt care about them unless he hurts me. I'm writing this because I recently sent a petition to his mothers house for a name change of last name. This started him with the bs of him saying hes going to take me to court for visitation.

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