child who wont eat except from breast


Chet - posted on 07/18/2014




How old is the child? Is the problem that you have child rejecting solids? Or do you have a baby rejecting bottles?

If the problem is solids:

From 0 to 6 months a baby should only have breast milk. It's best to not even offer solids before 6 months.

From 6 to 12 months solids are mainly for practise, not nutrition. Handling solid food, moving it around in your mouth, chewing, and swallowing are all skills. Your baby needs to learn these skills, but they don't have to start learning at exactly six months. As long as there aren't underlying health problems that interfere with eating, and that need to addressed, it's okay to relax delay solids until the baby seems ready.

You will find toddlers from 12 to 24 months who are only nursing. It happens sometimes. At this point, there does start to be some concerns about inadequate nutrition, and about kids not learning the skills needed to eat properly. These are real concerns, but I don't know anyone personally who has had problems. One of our kids was well past a year before he really started eating solids, and he was fine. He was eating everything by the time he was two.

If the problem is rejecting bottles:

It can help to try different styles of bottle. Certain nipples more closely resemble the breast. Sometimes it helps to have a person who is not mom give the bottle. If you're putting formula in the bottle you might have to try it with expressed milk first. One of our kids rejected bottles after accepting them initially and another one would never take a bottle.

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