Child with ADHD not eligilbe for field trip? Is this right or wrong?

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My son's school is not allowing him to go on field trip and told me it was a matter of safety. The truth is that he is ADHD and there isn't enough adults to children and the school thinks this will be unsafe for him, due to his inability to control himself. which is caused by his disability. The teacher decided he would not be able to go if he got 3 red cards. She ultimately determines the card color, this seems like a covenant way to make sure he is not eligible. Then the school can turn around and say the field trip is a privilege he didn't earn. Does anyone else think this is discrimination? Or maybe a financial issue? Shouldn't it be the schools responsibility to insure safety for all the children including the ones with disabilities? I don't know what to do? my only point is that this seems to be illegal under no child left behind act, IDEA and section 504. any advise guys?


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I can answer the 504 plan question. If your child has one of those then all the things you say the school is doing is illegal. THey can not withhold field trips, services (behavior plans etc), and other things that this 504 plan is set up for your child to do. My friend has one for her middle child who has a genetic disorder that does not allow him to participate in certain activities in PE classes because it will further damage the arm that is affected. They also have to make changes to things in the school to make it where he is accomadated to be able to participate in other things as well. Your son having such a plan in the school systems should not be held against because he has the ADHD. The school and teacher are looking for a cop out so they do not have to deal with him. It is the school's responsiblitiy to follow that plan and in not doing so they are going against it. You need to go to the principal or the school board on this. The 504 plan is a federal thing.

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It may have been an option before his red cards but they set him up to fail. Now theres nothing i can do, he wont be going. I just feel that the system is failing to address his ADHD and are failing to meet his needs and there for are just a much to blame for his bad behavior as his ADHD is. Ive requested a behavior contract since he transferred to this school ( he was on one in previous school ). They told me they couldn't offer the same services, which i now know was not true and probably at the schools effort to save their bottom line. This kind of thing happens everyday and it's truly sad!

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To be honest, it's a gray area.

Is there a way that you could accompany the trip? Generally, for field trips, the kid/adult ratio is met by parent volunteers. This is so that smaller groups can break out but still be under adult supervision. Generally, they try to keep it 3-4 kids per adult.

For special needs children, the rules do differ some. If the child continually acts out, does not follow directions, does not heed adults, they create a problem in a situation where a volunteer is the adult in charge. Generally, if they have a regular classroom aide, the aide will travel with them. In most cases, in my area, the parent of the special needs child will go on the field trip with them.

HOWEVER, if the requirements for his attendance for the trip were not clearly spelled out in advance to both him and yourself, I would say, yes, there's a problem here. Take it thru the chain of command to see if you have any options, other than you accompanying the class on the trip.

I did most all of my kids' field trips, and had a blast, so if you can go, I'd recommend it!

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