child with asbergers

Melissa - posted on 02/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi my son is 7, hes starting to read now, he says 'he' to anyone, doesnt matter if its a girl or boy, when asked a question he rambles on about other things that happened or that he wants to do, he has social problems, cannot interact with others properly, he wants people to play the way he wants them to play he does have a little sister who is 2, she plays properly, he doesnt play right he puts all the food on the floor when playing kitchen, he stacks blocks instead of building things, etc, hes starting to read a bit now, but very behind with the rest of his kids in his class, he has a teachers aid, gets on a special bus to school with a bus aid, hes very smart, picks up things right away, remembers directions, has a super memory he can remember everything from about the age of 2 and up, but because of his problems his little sister is starting to copy off of him, he is loud runs alot makes noises, etc, when seeing him with me youd think hes a normal little boy, he holds my hand, is quiet for the most part, but if you see him for a little while you will pick up on the asbergers part of him, hes going to be starting something called fenton next month, hes on ritalin at the moment, hes been on slow release ritalin and dexidrine neither one of those worked, the ritalin works some what but im hoping this fenton works better. if anyone else has a child with asbergers syndrome please feel free to contact me, i need more support for this. i knew he had it since age 2, but doctors refused to say he had it until about 2 weeks ago,they always jsut said he had adhd, but i knew differently, so did others who have worked with asbergers children.


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