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I have a 10-month-old daughter who is fiercly independent - which is wonderful, don't get me wrong - but we rent an apartment and we're having a difficult time finding childproofing stuff that's "apartment friendly". We have some cupboards in our kitchen that are double doors, so those were easy. But the single door cupboards and the drawers are currently naked. My daughter likes to get into the bottom drawer on the stove too, which is okay when it's not on.... She chews on the windowsills so much that I'm sure she's eating paint and has now learned how to climb into the armchair by herself. I feel like I'm always saying "No!" I don't want to be like that. I love her independence and never-give-up attitude. But I want to make sure she lives to see her 1st birthday :) Does anybody know of furniture guards, straps, latches and/or gates that don't require screws? Daddy stays at home and I work 40 hours a week, so we're on an extremely tight budget. We also live in a very rural area of Minnesota, so we're kind of limited in store choices. (We have to drive for an hour or more to get to bigger cities.)


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Brenda - posted on 01/22/2009




I agree that it is important to set limits and boundaries, and most importantly to consistently enforce them. It helps the child to understand that there are things you can and cannot do in life. (Better to figure that out while they are younger!) The only thing I ever child-proofed in my house was the cabinet that holds all of my cleaning chemicals. I found that constant redirection away from places I don’t want my daughter getting into has helped her learn where she can and cannot play. I do, however, respect the fact that as a Parent you are looking for items to keep your child safe and out of certain areas of your apartment. Nobody has really answered that question for you, so I would like to offer a suggestion: One Step Ahead! It’s this wonderful catalog I get in the mail, but they also have a website . I have made several purchases from them (things like the potty watch, baby bath time shower, manners books and some other toys) and have been pleased with everything I have gotten. Shipping time is surprisingly speedy, too! They have several unique items in their Safety section that you should check out. I hope this helps you find something to solve your child-proofing issues!

Kris - posted on 01/22/2009




I hate to say this, but nothing is every completely childproof...I think they are for parents who don't have the patience to train their child...and yes, I have independent firecrackers....but I also know that it is up to me to make sure they stay within the boundaries.  I know my husband is lousy at it, so maybe talk to him about really enforcing the limits on the kitchen for a week.  The babies have to learn, but don't be dangerous about it.  I'm sorry if this comes across harshly, but we've never childproofed anything, other than to keep cleaners above the washer/dryer...but I also only let my kids get into one cupboard (kept all the tupperware in it)...everything else in the kitchen was off limits.  And they only had to fall off the couch, stairs, and/or shopping cart once to learn how to sit or proceed properly.

Shauna - posted on 01/22/2009




There's a "baby jail"...the Playyard XT that is essentially a fence around the baby.  That way, you can just move it room to room if needed, and not worry so much about the babyproofing.  That's what we plan to do after several friends' recommendations.

Naomi - posted on 01/22/2009




Try saying Danger rather than no it makes you feel a bit better. My husband is a chef so are kitchen is not childproof at all. The only thing we do is all chemicals are in a locked away. when we are using knives we pop them to the back of the counter. use the back stove rings first. handles to the back. If you can put a gate on the kitchen door than thats good. I don't know about the states but in australia you can get wooden gates that just expand to fit the gap. (adults just step over them) We rent a house and are land lard is ok with putting screws in for gates so you could always ask them. Oh you could also try moving a bit of furniture into the door way of the kitchen.

Kids are going to get hurt the trick is trying to make the accidents little ones rather than big ones. I have 3 boys the nurses at are local hospital know them by name. The only other thing is when you have a little extra cash get your self a really good first aid kit, with lots of band aids. Rather than spending money of cartoon ones i get normal ones and ask the kids what they would like me to draw on them - trains plains cars ect. 

I work on the idea if i can't get  butterfly strips on the big cut then i take them to the hospital. 

If your little girl gets hurt don't beat yourself up you are a good mum things happen. My oldest try to chop of my number 2 boys finger with my paper cutter. my oldest boy rode his ride on truck down my mums stairs twice for fun. Kids bounce most of the time. 

Carol - posted on 01/22/2009




To be completely honest, our apartment isn't childproof. There were some things on some of the cabinets but not all when we moved in but that's it. When we moved here our son was 8 months and he's 2 now...and he's fine. As long as the cleaners and anything harmful is put away, I think you'll be fine. My son will still just open up the cabinets-even the ones with the latches on-but he never takes anything out. I've found toys in them before.

Crystal - posted on 01/22/2009




I think there is a very good reason why "no" is one of the first words kids learn to say...because they hear is so often!! I think if we babyproof everything, the novelty of it all never really wears off. I have a daughter just like that (now 19mths old), and she now calls the stove "hot" and will touch the side to test it first...she also calls the pots and pans hot and the coffee maker!

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