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I went shopping today for my niece school clothing and we are having a difficult time findint jeans that fit. She is heavy around the middle and short. A size 18 in the girls won't fit around the middle and is way too long. Now I know she is heavy but I look around and see other children the same size or bigger. Where should we shop for clothes? Are we shopping in the wrong department? She is eight and going into the second grade. My sister in law can't afford anything expensive but I would be willing to chip in if we could find something that really fit. Any advice?


Vanessa - posted on 08/06/2010




Not meaning to have a go, but unless there is a reasonable medical reason for her weight, that is grossly unhealthy for an 8year old young lady. It's no wonder little girls grow up with self esteem issues and all the complications that can arise from that alone - she's only 8!
A size 18 in childrens is over a 71cm waist.
Maybe try looking online with her measurements and see if there are some online retailers for larger children. Once again - not meaning to sound harsh - but perhaps a lifestyle and diet change might be in order for the little lass!


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Valerie - posted on 07/20/2012




Well, I personally like the jeans at abercrombie kids, P.S. from Aeropostale, Hollister, and Gap Kids. I usually like high quality jeans that won't shrink instantly and will last long. I do think They have adjustable waists in Gap Kids, but I am not sure about the other three...

Kelly - posted on 08/10/2010




Gap also has jeans with adjustable waists. Not sure on high big the sizes go. I know they go through at least 14.

User - posted on 08/10/2010




JC penny. Arizona jean brand in junior sizes have short sizes. Im 21 and am 5 feet tall. Needless to say thats where I shop.

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Thanks everyone for the advice. We found half sizes at Justice and she was able to wear a twelve and a half. I didn't realize what a difference the half sizes made. The best part was that thwy were having a 40% off sale!. We also found her some stretchy yoga pants and I gave her a pair of my capri pants. Evidently a size 4 women's equals a twelve and a half girls. Never would have guessed that. I am soo glad we found something and that she didn't need the biggest size!

Amy - posted on 08/07/2010




Try old navy online for 16 1/2, it's there plus sizes in store they only go to 16 but you may have some luck online. They are running a denim sale right now so they're only $10.

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i agree however I'm not her mom just her aunt and trying to make the best of the situation. She deserves to have a pair of jeans that fit and make her feel good. Plus since her body shape matches her mom's exaclty I'm afraid genetics may be part of the problem. Like I said she's not the biggest chils around and as far as I know her doctor hasn't commented on her weight.

Julie - posted on 08/06/2010




Target and Jcpenny have 1/2 size that work well for my maggie who still has a bit of tummy..but is short

Sheri - posted on 08/06/2010




My four-year-old daughter is plump, and I simply won't buy any pants or skirts that aren't stretchy knit materials. Most of her pants are "leggings" style pants, and her skirts and dresses are also made of that t-shirt knit cotton. Jeans will need to wait until this girl stretches out. Best of luck finding some plus sizes for girls. I think there's more available all of the time.

Schyla - posted on 08/06/2010




Try finding her capri's (My best friend is short and round and she buys capri and even some of them are too long) and since it's the end of the season you might be able to find some for really cheep! Or you might try and just go with skirts and dresses.

Amanda - posted on 08/06/2010




Shop in adult clothing, and pin the bottoms. I have never heard of size 18 childrens clothing period. The highest I have seen is size 14, which most 14 year olds fit. I would seriouslly put this girl on a diet, and help her learn how to change her life style.

Brittany - posted on 08/06/2010




I would probably look for jean materials that stretch. I always buy stretch jeans, I'm a skinny little short thing but still. They'll give her a secure fit. as for length, you might just want to roll her pant legs and safety pin them, if she doesn't get too much bigger around but continues to get taller they'll still fit, pinning isn't as permanent as a hem. I would try maybe taking her to a store for petite them locally and try that.

Kristy - posted on 08/06/2010




My niece has the same problem. Check out JCPenney and Gap's websites. They offer plus sizes for kids.

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