Children with ADHD

Gloria - posted on 07/21/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello Circle of Moms, my name is Gloria I have a grandson that's 10 years old and he is diagnosed with ADHD and it decrease his appetite and I'm trying to find something for him to gain weight he's 70 pounds now, and he is on meds he takes Vyvanse 50mg, every morning once it wears off around 5 o'clock he's eating everything up in the house that's not nailed down he takes a multivitamin too once a day and he's always saying I'm not hunry, his Mother and Great-Grandmother and I think he need to gain weight, he just started playing football for the first time this year and we are so frighten he's going to get hurt.. I had read one of the circle of moms text and it said she gave her son protein shakes at night what type of protein shakes I would like the information..I can see his bones through his skin that's not good and it affect his sleep too.

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