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My 7-year-old daughter has dyslexia and her elementary school is still having her do spelling tests that the rest of the class is doing. She has an IEP, but it seems like her teacher has not read it. We have applied for help at a Children's Dyslexia Center for tutoring, but the waiting list is two years long. Private tutoring and private schools are out of our budget. Any advice?


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Keep after the teacher and administration to follow the IEP...They tend to try to "ignore" an IEP unless the parent keeps up on them.

If necessary, every day there's a spelling test, send a note with your daughter reminding the teacher of the IEP, and it's recommendations. At the same time, each time you know that there's a test that day, contact the school administration, and let them know that you expect the IEP to be followed.

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I have dyslexia as well. How do they do the spelling tests?
When I was in school (sorry, LONG time ago), the teacher called out the words and we spelled them. I was fine with that if I worked REALLY FRICKING HARD. My teacher also allowed me to tape a strip of paper to the top of my desk with the letters I struggled with, along with "clueing arrows" beside them so that I could pick the right letter and draw it properly. I still had to work on getting the letters in the right order, but even kids without dyslexia work hard on that. It was a little more difficult for me, but having the letter guide on my desk helped tremendously.

Now, in my son's school, the spelling test is a worksheet where the teacher calls out 5 words and they write them at the top, then they have 5 sets of words and they have to circle the words that are spelled correctly, then they have 5 sentences that they have to "correct" by respelling any misspelled words and adding proper punctuation. Last, the have "dictation" where the teacher calls out 3 sentences and they have to write the sentence with proper spelling and punctuation. This test would KILL me if I had to take it in school.

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