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i am a single parent and my child's father rarely if ever comes around can count on my hand the times in the last year. I really don't feel he knows who he is cause all he does is text on his phone,on his computer he brings with him etc.. He is very inconsistent in visiting does not have child support orders for the fact he promised to give x amount of dollars a month.which he has not given a dime. He never lets me know when his mother comes to town and all they ever want is to take our son at no advance notice and return when they desire without any communication . One time this was for over 30 hours and I was frantic. Well I recently found out that his girlfriend which till this day he has yet to tell me had a child.When i asked he acted like it was with a casual acquaintance.He is very evasive. It was our sons 2 year party and he calls in the morning of to say that his mother wants to bring his 6 month old daughter to the party at my house. I have not seen his mother for a year with no calls etc but that was not what bothered me. It was that when he made a comment about it days before I told him that this was not the time or place and frankly he had never really sat down and told me the truth and that this was disrepectful to not even grant my wishes. He had not been here prior for over two months.Every time I say that i will bring him over to where he lives to visit the answer is I will come there but he always cancels out.His mother made a very ugly voice mail to me stating that I uninvited her to her grandsons party when I just said to bring his child which no one was told verbally he had I felt was disrespectful to my family who knew nothing and the party was all about my son.This behavior has been troubling to me and I am uncomfortable with them with the idle threats they have made.Any feelings on my venting which could go on forever.


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If there are no child support orders, then that is on you. Either file or don't, but don't complain if he isn't paying if you have chosen not to file.

Do you have court orders spelling out the visitation/custody arrangements? If you don't then maybe you should. Then these issues won't be a problem. A court order makes it clear to all parties involved.

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