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Cathrine - posted on 01/16/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




my ten yr old son has my surname, on his birth certificate the father is stated as unknown. for nearly 8yrs my partner has been evrything a boy could want from a dad and more than any mother could hope, in her wildest dreams, as her sons dad. they love each other unconditionally. all 3 of us want our child to have my partners surname. we have split up now and both have our own seperate houses. my son now lives with my his stepdad because he cant be without him,annd i c my son almost everyday. we all get on, infact i am with them both now. can i just go to registery office and say i wish to add the fathers name to birth certificate thus resulting in my sons surname change? if not what do i do to change my sons surname?


Michelle - posted on 01/17/2015




If you aren't together why would you want your son to have his name?
You may meet someone else who your son gets along with just as well, are you going to change his name again then?
I would leave his name the way it is. You definitely can't add him as the Father on the birth certificate if he's not the Father. It's a legal document and that would be fraud!
The only way you could legally change his name would be by deed poll or adoption.
ETA: Why would you give your son to someone else? He's YOUR son. I understand that your ex was around for a long time but there is NO WAY I would give any of children to an ex to raise if he wasn't the Father.


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Sarah - posted on 01/16/2015




If your partner is not the biological father then no you cannot just go to the registry. If you want a non biological to be put on the birth certificate then the two of you first must be married. Then he would need to adopt the 10 yr old. Once the adoption is finalized then you would receive a new birth certificate with the new name.

Monina - posted on 01/16/2015




Yes its a good idea to approach the registry office, they will give you information and explain you on how to change the surname of your son.

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