?Chinese Herbs for Low Milk Supply?

Cj - posted on 08/25/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Has anyone ever used any Chinese herbs to try and increase their milk supply? If yes, which ones? I tried making this horrendous soup I had to drink for 3 days with Pork (so gross) dried soybeans and dried lily flowers and poof nada.Then I went back and told I had a "bad spleen" and to now start taking these herbs combined with a "very very very old chicken" seriously word for word she told me that.I then left feeling a little bamboozled and more so very very desperate to feed my child my milk. I am taking Fenugreek,Fennel,Blessed Thistle and I just started Goat's Rue. I am allergic to Reglan and Domperidone is supposedly illegal to use for this purpose so please ladies help a new Mommy out to feed my new baby chick. I really do do need help and will do most anything as you can tell...smiles

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