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At what age can my toddle have popcorn, peanuts and a hot dog weenie(without being cut up)


Chet - posted on 02/28/2014




A child's ability to chew, swallow and manipulate food in their mouth may not be fully developed until they're four years old. That said, kids learn to do those things by practising.

We just tried things and took note of how the kids managed. The only things they had trouble with was apple skin and lettuce. They all had popcorn, peanuts and whole hotdogs long before they were two.

Take a first aid course, and insist that your child eat when sitting at the table. The biggest choking risk is actually candy (hotdogs don't even make the top 5 or 10 on some of the lists I've seen, but candy is always at the very top). I'd avoid candy, but more because the longer you can put off your child developing a taste for candy the better.

They amount people worry about choking is way out of line with the actual risk. The elderly are far more likely to choke than toddlers. Your best protection is to take a first aid course, and help your child to develop good habits with food.

Shanise - posted on 02/28/2014




Hot dogs are better for a child 3 and 1/2 and up.Best to see if child iis peanuts to them. if young under 2 I would give peanut. But once teeth are in I would start with sunflower seed the seedless ones. Popcorn you will have to careful because of harm. I would substitute popcorn for the the puffs that look like popcorn. May try popcorn after 3 years of age.


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