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I have twin 10 year olds - a boy and a girl. They do things around the house which are expected of them and are considered "contributing to the household" - they are not given any rewards/money for them. I am trying to come up with a list of other chores that they can do to earn an allowance or even just a few extra dollars to buy their "favorite" must-have. I would love to hear from other mothers as to how they handle this. I am a firm believer that kids should have everyday jobs they do around the house but would also like to give them the opportunity to earn some type of allowance by doing extra work,


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For a long time I had my son do chores around the place such as loading and unloading the dishwasher, taking out trash, doing laundry, and other household chores to learn how to take care of his own place and not have to depend on a woman to do it for him. I am also teaching him to cook some easy things for now. He is 16. About a year ago, I started an allowance system for him where he gets so much a month for doing chores. Its not a lot. In fact, most guys his age would not agree to work for that amount of money. But over time he has saved it up for video games, game systems, movies, and other things he wants. I am trying to get him to learn to save for a rainy day fund. I am glad he has gotten this far with learning about money. Next step is to show him my actual budget and expenses compared to my take home pay so he can have an idea of real world values. The monthly allowance is just a stepping stone to the real deal of a job and more responsiblity.

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