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would two dogs be appropriate for my kids chirstmas as one of there big presents ??


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/17/2012




As long as you, mom, are willing to take over care for the dogs when the kids slack.

Dogs require space to run, structured "play" time (leash walks, playing fetch, etc), and attention over and above feeding and watering. Kids are notorious for "forgetting" that they need to take the dog out for a run, or that they need to clean up after the dog, or even that they need to feed/water and brush the dog, unless you constantly remind them.

I love dogs, myself, but never have "given" one as a gift to my kids. Ours are family dogs, and the boys are expected to share in their care, but the burden of reminding them to throw for the dogs, walk them, etc...falls to myself and my husband.

ETA: Considering that quite a large number of animals that end up in shelters were christmas gifts that the parents decided they didn't want to take care of when the kids got tired of recommendation is that you get yourself a dog. Teach the kids the responsibility aspects, certainly, but don't give them dogs and tell them "they're yours, if you don't take care of them, I'm getting rid of them"


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Holly - posted on 10/23/2012




I would say no.. Maybe one dog as a family present... See if your kids can actually HANDLE the responsibility of a pet... Then think about getting a companion about a yeast down the road.

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Just remember the saying "a pet is for life, not just for Christmas" and if you are ok with this then I say go for it, but do your research (as you seem to be) and make sure you are getting the right dog for your circumstances. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Sally - posted on 10/23/2012




You need to do a lot of research before you get your first dog and holidays are not the ideal time to bring in any pet. Christmas is stressful enough without adding a huge new responsibility, especially when the noise and bustle is likely to scare that new responsibility into misbehaving. Some breeds tend to be better or worse family dogs, but every animal (and every pet owner) is an individual. The best dog in the world isn't going to work for your family if personalities don't mesh or you have unrealistic expectations.

IF raised and trained properly, most of the "scary" breeds make the best family dogs, but they require a lot of training and most of them need room to run. While there are exceptions to every rule (and breeding and training make a big difference), many of the "cute" breeds are completely unsuitable for children.

You're looking at up to 20 years of a creature depending on you to feed, water, walk, groom, train, etc. it every day. Your family needs to be in it together.

Barbara - posted on 10/23/2012




So many families do buy a puppy for Christmas and before the spring arrives they are taken to the pounds. Make sure you children want a puppy and if they do go to a shelter with the children and together you should pick out the pet that is right for you. They (children) must be made aware of the responsibilities of having a pet. You did not mention how old the kids are and Santa always brings the presents and toys so I am not sure how to answer this question.

S. - posted on 10/17/2012




If you can take care them then that would make a great present, my children would love to get a dog but I couldn't take care of one so I bought them fish which they promised to clean and feed, that lasted all of 5 minuets if it wasnt for me the fish would have gone belly up a long time ago.

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hmm i think i will look in to shelter dogs. hmm that's odd and a bit weird is it not?

yeah i always do my research lol, so i guess each breed has different characteristics. yeah that's the main thing.

right we could do that. and right god i thought i would of been easier than this lol. and omg 4 times that's a lot based on ur income god that's crap it should be by person yeah u sound like a good owner.

awww giving them a life thats what i wish to do. hmm i will look in to ur choices :)

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/17/2012




Personally, I wouldn't do a shelter dog, but that's because our local shelter thinks that if you make under 100K annually, you are not deserving of a pet.

But, I do recommend that you look at several types. Look at sizes, and research behavior characteristics of each one you're interested in. MAKE SURE that you choose as a family, to make the best possible match.

I recommend rescuing, just not from an ASPCA shelter, as they seem to be the most restrictive. I've been turned down 4 times, based on my income bracket. Forget that I've owned animals all of my life, and that all of my animals can get vet endorsed health statements at any time, stating that they're in the best health they could be in, because I make less than what they think is "acceptable", I am not a good candidate for an owner.

Some of the best dogs I've had were rescues. Most I found just by chance, happened upon a situation where the dog was in a bad place, and the owner really didn't care if I took them or not. A couple were headed to the shelter for their final days, but I took them home instead

If I had my absolute choice, it would be another Tibetan Terrier ;-) or German Shepherd, or Golden retriever.

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yeah that sounds like a good idea. really alot of people have said its the breed. yeah i guess so, im scared to do a test drive incase it hurts or something one of my kids. #mommyproblems

[deleted account]

no i was going to get them without the kids knowing. oh im sorry that you lost ur dog. i see hmm now im in a situation then. ah i see.

they all sound like nice and friendly dogs, at first my husband wanted a dalmatian and then it was a french pug. as i grew up with a lab and he grew up with five different types of dogs he is more experienced in that department. what you use recommend.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/17/2012




Oh boy...LOL...

I would have pretty much anything.

Good family breeds are german shepherds, golden retrievers, tibetan terriers, jack russell terriers, pretty much any lab breed, collies, shelties...heck, I'd evn have a pit bull, if I could raise it myself, because they are some of the gentlest dogs I've ever seen, along with rottweilers!

Depends on the size. What size are you thinking?

Amy - posted on 10/17/2012




Personally I don't think it would be a good Christmas gift unless you plan on having the kids help pick them out. We just lost our dog and I don't plan on getting another one without my kids being there. I think it's important to see if all personalities mesh. You wouldn't want to get a dog that is skittish of children, and although most shelters know that stuff you may find that the dog is very kid friendly like in your face friendly and maybe that would scare you kids. I have also heard of shelters who refuse to do adoptions in the month of December for the very reason Shawnn stated, parents think it's a good idea and the animals end up back at the shelter in January.

[deleted account]

yeah i guess so lol. i have been brought up with dogs as family's ones everyone takes a turn. u have a very good point. do u know any types that are a good bread to have?

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