Christmas and an ungrateful Grandma

Thomas - posted on 12/11/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm a mom and a dad...single father of two girls now 6 and 7.

The mother lost custody to me and I've had them for a little over a year all by myself. I don't get child support, the mom doesn't buy clothes, grandma does every once in a while and they have never offered to watch them while I work - during the summer it costs me $150 per week for a babysitter and at one point I was paying 300 a week when my work hours were more demanding.

I let them visit whenever they want, Grandma gets them every other weekend for one night then their mother gets them the other night and then they come home on Sunday. Unless mom or grandma have something else going on.

Now Grandma is angry that I want to keep them Christmas day. To the point where she threatened to sue me for visitation. Okay, that doesn't worry me because it's an empty threat and I know she doesn't have a chance, but it disturbs me that she truly believes she should have them Christmas morning and I shouldn't and that I am the one who is unreasonable. She had them Thanksgiving. I let her get them on their birthdays. I don't get it.

Did I mention I receive no support from these people, financial or otherwise?

I get my girls up for school everyday, do their hair, get them fed, dress them, get them on the bus and then go to work. We come home, I get them from the bus stop, make a snack, cook dinner, read with them , play with them, do the dishes, do their Laundry, teach them about life (as best I can) and get them in bed at the right time to do it all again the next day.

And I enjoy it.

Somebody explain to me why this woman, Granda feels so entitled?



Dove - posted on 12/11/2015




It's Christmas and she wants to see her grandchildren. That's pretty common. She is definitely going about it the wrong way though.

Why not work out a compromise? She can have them Christmas Eve and bring them home in time for bed... or you can have them Christmas Eve, night, and morning... and bring them by for a couple of hours Christmas afternoon... Of course you aren't obligated to do this, but if she generally has them every other weekend I think a compromise would be beneficial for everyone involved... especially your kids.

And I have to say it... you're not a mom. You are a single dad and that is definitely a hard job, but you aren't a mom any more than I am a dad even though I've been a single parent to three for 7.5 years.

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