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I'll share mine and you share yours :-) My kids are 5 and 3 yo. these are a few crafts that we've done together:

Handprint Christmas Wreath

Materials: A large piece of paper, something round to trace (like a small cereal bowl), green and red washable paint, scissors.

Prep: Trace around your cereal bowl- then draw a larger circle around that circle and cut. so you have a large circle. With some scrap paper, cut out a circle to tape in the middle so when the kids paint, you can keep the center clean.

Put green paint on a paper plate.

With the kids: Have them get paint on thier hands and make handprints all around the circle to make the greenery of a wreath.

Option A: remove the circle you taped in the middle and make one final really good handprint.

Option B: Leave the center free of paint- cut out once dry.

When the green paint has dried, have the kids use one finger dipped in red paint and make holly berries all around the wreath.


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Stina - posted on 12/11/2009




Snowman ornament:

Materials: Popsicle Stick, Glue, 6 cotton Balls, Scissors, Brown, or black felt (hat), googly eyes, orange paper cut into a small triangle (carrot nose) Thin ribbon or yarn (scarf) Fishing line or thread.

- lay popsicle stick on table and put a line of glue on one side. Put three cotton balls on and press. Fold the felt in half and cut out a tophat shape using the folded edge as the top of the hat. Glue half of the hat on the popsicle stick.

- turn over carefully and glue three cotton balls on other side. Fold the hat over and glue leaving a small gap at the top to thread string or fishing line through later.

-Glue eyes and nose on

- Wrap ribbon around his neck and tie as a scarf.

Set aside to dry

Thread fishing line or thread through gap at the top of the hat and hang.

*This one was a little more difficult for my kids (5 with some delays and 3) But, they enjoyed putting the cotton balls on the stick and were able to place the hat, eyes and nose. I ended up pinching the hat to make it stay since we used Elmers glue. A hot glue gun would have made drying time faster- but with the risk of burns. And I tied the ribbon scarf. Still. they had fun.


Jenn - posted on 12/11/2009




you can make christmas tree ornamints out of applesauce and cinnamon. i dont happen to have the recipe with me but im sure you can find it online. all you do is mix applesauce and cinnamon to make a cookie type of dough. no baking is needed. they just have to sit out for a few days to dry. you can roll them out and cut any shape you want. they are lots of fun with different cookie cutters and when they are dry you can paint them. *plus they smell good :) * it's great for the kids to make so they can give them as christmas presents and for babies you can stamp their hand and foot prints in them.

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