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I grew up with every holiday having Turkey, and Ham as the centerpieces. It occurred to me I don't really like either. My husband suggested lamb. He says it's great. Neither of us have ever made it. What do you like for Christmas/Holiday dinner's?

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This is an excellent recipe for a crock pot roast: Buy a nice-sized rump roast and dry rub it with Lipton onion soup mix. Then I put a layer of raw baby carrots on the bottom of the crock pot and set the roast on top of that with the fat layer side up. Mix a can of mushroom soup (if you like gravy, be sure to NOT use the fat free stuff) with beef broth and another packet of onion soup mix and pour that over the roast and carrots. Make sure that everything is covered with that soup mix because it will dry out where ever it's not covered. You won't believe how good the carrots taste and the rump roast will have to be removed with spatulas because when you stick a fork in it, it falls apart. This is my go-to recipe for when I want to serve a nice meal. Sometimes I also add those canned little potatoes (they look like golf balls) too - if it's too much to cover, then just do another can of mushroom soup with broth and add it in. (I have a large crock pot). This also works on cheaper cuts of meat like london broil, but my favorite is organic, grass fed rump roasts from Whole Foods Markets.

Another thought is that you may not have had turkey that's been cooked right. Since we only like white meat, I just cook a 5-6 lb. turkey breast. I brine it for 24 hours in 1 gallon of water, 3/4 cup sugar, 1 cup kosher salt. I use the 2 gallon ziploc bags to contain the water and put the whole bag & turkey in the roaster in the frig. Turn it at least once during that time. When you're ready to cook it, drain the brine and pat the turkey dry. Set it in the roaster, skin side up and brush the skin with melted butter and roast at 325 degrees for 2 - 2 1/2 hours until it's done. I don't cover it with foil because I like the skin nicely browned and crispy. The brine gives it a wonderful, juicy flavor and it's amazing how different it is from the turkeys I grew up eating! :-D

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my in law's family has prime rib. It's SO good! My family has anything we feel like. Thanksgiving we'll have turkey, but Christmas has been anything and everything (Including a Salad one year)!

My husband and I want to carry on the Prime Rib, when we make it we rub it with garlic, oynion, and other spices then not sure about the rest as I've never made one.

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In Australia, it is tradition to eat seafood on Christmas day as it is plentiful here. If you like seafood then perhaps you can make that your dinner centrepiece.

Shelagh - posted on 12/15/2009




If there's just the two of us, we often have duck. Or you could try smoked salmon.

Jodi - posted on 12/14/2009




It is summer here, so when it is just us, I do a glazed ham in the BBQ, along with jacket potatoes and sour cream, and I have a great recipe for a baked stuffed pumpkin. Then I just do salads.

But yes, lamb is really easy. You just roast it like anything else. I usually rub some rosemary and mint into it before putting it in the oven, and then put sprigs of rosemary and mint in my roast (just stick it under the skin). I start it roasting in aluminium foil, because it keeps the juices in that way, and then open it up half way through. By wrapping it in foil first, it does end up taking just a little longer, but it stays very moist. You need to be careful not to overcook, because it can dry out. How long you cook it for depends on the roast you get (size and cut). Try not to get mutton - it is an older sheep and tougher meat. Make sure it is true young lamb.

Serve it with either mint jelly, mint sauce or gravy (or both!!).

If you need any hints when you have bought it, let me know - my hubby agrees I do a mean roast lamb - it's his favourite.

And the leftovers make great warm roast lamb rolls next day too!!

Erin - posted on 12/14/2009




We usually do turkey and ham also but this year for Thanksgiving we had prime rib!! It was delicious!! But I did miss the turkey, we are doing that for Christmas.

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