Christmas morning traditions or surprises?

Christina - posted on 12/07/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




do any parents do a spiecal tradition on christmas morning? one year we put red streamers across the kids bedroom door and when they opened it, they had to break through it ( we told them that was santa's way of making sure they didn't sneak out and peak ) aonther time, we blew up red and white balloons all over the living room. ( santa leaving his mark) I was looking for any other ideas like that for this year!


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S. - posted on 12/08/2012




@kelsey that sound lovely!

I have Christmas Eve presents usually nightwear and a christmas story book or a special Christmas DVD, when the kids are in the bath me or my hb will sneek and sprinkle a little trail of glitter and leave the gifts on their beds we say Santa's elfs must have left them because they have been so good . I've always found it helps them to calm down (a bit) before bed.

We always leave a mince pie,a drink, and a carrot out too and a new one is we sprinkle randier food in the garden (oats and glitter) the glitter twinkles in the night light.

Kelsey - posted on 12/07/2012




As kids we always had a family friend come over a climb a ladder and "knock" on the roof with bells after dinner and we were watching a movie or singing songs in the living room. Mom and grandma would take us to the window to see what was going on while grandpa went up stairs to investigate and when he would come back down he would have 1 special present for each of us and a letter from Santa telling us how proud he was of us *good marks in school making the team learning something new ect ect* and saying that he was on his way to deliver presents but he wanted to stop in and give us a little something before was always a new stuffy,doll,book or cd. Something that we could use before bed or snuggle up to while waiting for morning to come. I really loved that as a kid and hope to be able to do the same with mine as they grow older

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