Christmas stress

Errin - posted on 12/22/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Christmas is in A few days and I'm so stressed any blended family's
Who are stressed out because there's like 4 different families
That all want the kids. And tying to find schedules that work for
Everyone is so stressful ! I feel like there's 1000 things to do and not enough
Time.... I still have to get my papa present , pay my papa for my nana , clean the house
For company , make the cookies for Santa 3 Christmas. Events to
Attend , do the groceries and I'm trying my best
To do something with the kids everyday... Cause it
There vacation... Yesterday was swimming today was
Kings kingdom ... I'm home with the kids cause I'm off
School and bfs working .... And then I have a million
Different ppl to keep happy .. Like bfs fam , my fam, my daughters father
Fam and my bfs sons mom family's ... Also she has a bf
With a son, so his moms sched is important to so those boys have time together
How do ppl deal with this stress...


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Michelle - posted on 12/22/2015




I work in retail so I see the stress everyone else goes through.
Jodi has said it well, YOU don't have to worry about everyone else's happiness, only your own. As families get bigger, the needs of everyone changes. You don't have to see everyone on the same day, it can be spread out. That means less stress for everyone and a chance to actually relax and enjoy this time of the year.
I guess I'm more organized because I do work in retail but I only finished my shopping on Monday. I still have to wrap all the presents and am working late tonight (Wednesday) and most of tomorrow (Christmas Eve). We also celebrate on Christmas Eve so my Mum comes over and cooks the meal while I'm working.
You need to sit down with your husband and work out what you 2 want to do for next year. Let everyone know and it will give them time to get used to it.

Jodi - posted on 12/22/2015




I have a blended family with 4 children with 4 different sets of parents. My husband has 2 from previous relationships (2 different mothers) and I have one from my previous marriage, then we have one together. I understand the stress, but we decided a LONG time ago that Christmas doesn't need to be just a single day. Some years, we just can't get all the kids together at the same time. Schedules won't allow it. We have just grown to accept that over the last 13 years together.

I just want to say, it isn't your job to keep people happy. People need to be responsible for their own happiness. And you need to be responsible for yours. Learning to just let go will help.

Sometimes slowing Christmas down a bit and making it a more casual affair, with simple traditions of your own will make it less stressful. Our traditions have adapted over the years to include the fact that our children are often in different places at different times, but it doesn't make our Christmas any less special or happy.

Believe it or not, I still have MOST of my children to buy for, and it is Wednesday morning here. I haven't done anything about the food - hopefully the shelves are still full and I can still get some of it, LOL. I am just about to head off and get it all done. And yet, I am not feeling stressed. Not even a little bit.

We only have 2 of our children with us Christmas day this year. One we will see the next day. It will be a week before we see the other one.

Also, do you NEED to do something with the kids every day while they are off school? Are they not capable of entertaining themselves a bit. Must you constantly fill their day for them?

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