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I just wanted to share my christmas tree expereience that turned out to be a wonderful idea. When my oldest son was only about a year old the fiber optic christmas trees were very popular. Alot of people that hear that think, ooh how cheesy that doesn't sound pretty at all but the one that we bought was actually beautiful. My mother of course had the same tree she always had with regular string lights and that's when I realized that our tree was not only beautiful but a relief for me having a baby. When at other peoples homes I had to constantly stand over him to make sure he didn't snach a bulb out and get electricuted, but when at home because there were no bulbs he could fiddle with the lights and play around the tree all he wanted. Another thing that we did that some people thought was funny but kept me from being a nervous wreck is that we actually only decorated the top of the tree with our nicer and favorite ornaments. At first we didn't even decorate the bottom half but then I bought the cheap plastic ornaments and the plastic ornament hooks that were difficult to remove to decorate the bottom of the tree with. Just wanted to share my experience because Christmas is stressful enough without having to worry about the things that should be fun. I have 3 boys and my youngest is 6 so it's not as much of an issue now but if anyone has any more safety or just fun christmas tips I'd love to hear them.


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Thanks for the tips. I'm only slightly bemused that we're having this conversation in August!

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