Chronic constipation after pregnancy!

Chloe - posted on 07/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I suffered constipation throughout my third trimester and was on stool softeners. Doctor says pregnancy constipation is common. But I am 4 and half months post partum now and still constipated. I was on stool softeners daily 3 times a day. But was frustrated at the stituation so I tried to stop taking them on a few occasions. Everytime I try to stop taking, usually about 4 days after stopping, my stools will become harder and more difficult to pass and eventually hard enough to cause bleeding from the piles. Does any mommy out there face the same problem? And does it get better? I'm very frustrated because I didn't used to have constipation problem no matter what I ate. Doctor says to take more fibre, drink more water. But it's not really helping. So I'm back on stool softeners now.

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