Chronic Cough While Pregnant...HELP!!

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I am wondering if anyone else has suffered from a chronic cough while pregnant and if so did they find anything safe to relieve it? I am now 23 weeks pregnant with my 2nd & about 3 weeks ago developed this horrible cough. It came out of nowhere and doesn't seem to have any cause that my doctor can find. It is so bad that I cough until I vomit and I even cough in my sleep. I didn't have this with my first & am very healthy otherwise so I'm at a bit of a loss but it is really getting me down now. I am SO sick of coughing all the time.

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate them.


Alison - posted on 09/28/2011




Do you have bad heartburn? I have been coughing for over 8 weeks and do so as well with my first pregnancy. The doctor said it could be the heartburn causing it and I'm beginning to notice I cough more when the heartburn flares up.

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Heather at the moment just breathing triggers it. I was wondering if it was a form of Asthma starting again. I was asthmatic as a child but grew out of it by the time I was 12 (I'm now 37).
Thanks for all your suggestions ladies. Am off to see a different Doctor today so hopefully will get some answers. At least I now have a few more things I can ask about.

Heather - posted on 08/31/2010




Sounds like a reactive airway, a form of asthma- coughing until your throat is raw, then you get a tickle that won't go away and cough until vomiting. changing from hot to cold air triggers it, at one point I couldn't have a fan in my room b/c the air blowing on me triggered it. I had to take Zyrtec- ok per ob/gyn as I was pregnant at the time. Now I also have to use inhalers to settle it down. Or it could be silent reflux starting..... the joys of pregnancy...

Melanie - posted on 08/31/2010




hi i had a bad cold while iwas pregnant with my daughter, the only thing i found that helped was a hot honey and lemon, that was all the midwife could advise me to take to it took me a good few wks to get rid of it and like you was coughing to the point of vomiting, hope this helps

Pamela - posted on 08/31/2010




I find that boiled lemonade is very helpful and for at night i found that by putting a spoonful of vic on a oil burner (no oil ) and lighting the candle very soothing

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Marcy - posted on 08/31/2010




Like the paste below a teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning and at night helps...also, go to a health market they sell something called thayers slippery elm lozenges and dry mouth spray and finally, use a humidifier at night. When I was prego I coughed non stop for weeks....found out my allergies were raging. This helped.

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Hi Nicky,
It sounds like an unproductive cough, causing irritation, causing more coughing. You can try to reduce the irritation with agents that help 'coat' the throat such as the suggestion by Melanie of honey and lemon. Slippery Elm is also a good option, you can get it at your local health food store just make sure to take it with plenty of water. Another option is aloe vera juice, just be careful not to have too much, it has a laxative effect. All the best.

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