Chronic diarrhea - over 2 months now!

Jennifer - posted on 04/23/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




So, I thought I would see if someone else on here has been dealing with this issue as well.

A little over 2 months ago, my son started with runny diarrhea it seemed like every 10 or 12 days... The Dr said to take him off Dairy as if it's a stomach virus, the dairy is prolonging the inflammation in the GI tract. (Which is true) We put him on Rice milk, not Soy milk. Even still, about 2 weeks later, he was still having mushy BM's and again, every so often he would have really runny diarrhea. He has not ever had any type of dehydration, and only intermittently has had a low grade fever with this. Discussed with the Dr that it was not improving, after 4 weeks of no Dairy products, and he suggested we take away other possible food Allergens; i.e. Gluten, peanuts, eggs, all dairy, and that we should only do fluids (not apple or pear juice as this can push diarrhea as well) Rice milk, some juice, water, pedialyte and also do fruits, vegetables and meats only. I started that 3 weeks ago.

After the first week of none of the Allergen possible foods, he still had the diarrhea and the mush BM's. He also started becoming very lethargic and listless. One Sunday it took me like an hour to get him awake and moving after nap time. I let the Dr know this the next day and he said well yeah with the lack of carbs he won't have much energy... (No sh*t!!) So he told me to go ahead with the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.) Ummm.. wait.. what about the no gluten thing? Well.. with the lethargy, he said that until we figure out what is going on, go ahead and let him have like 1 piece of bread or two a day. No more. Ok... can do that..

We are now at a little over 8 weeks of this chronic either constipation, mushy BM's and runny diarrhea... And now to add even more distress to him (more so to myself I believe) he had blood in his stools too. He has had quite a few that were reddish in color and most of those had black stool as well. Now this past week he had a blow out so bad at daycare she gave him a bath immediately and washed his clothes.

He is scheduled for June to go see the Pediatric GI dr's at Hershey Medical Center (PA) with Dr. Field, however they felt that wasn't soon enough ( YEAH I AGREE THERE!) and he is ALSO now scheduled with a Pediatric Surgeon - Dr. Domingo Alvear with Pinnacle Health. He is scheduled for that on Tues April 27th. 4 days and counting!!!

I am pushing and pushing to have him seen. His regular Dr feels that it is Celiac Sprue, but I am not sure I agree since when we had him off all the Gluten and Wheat he STILL had the problem. Anyone have this type of chronic diarrhea with their child?

My son has never had any issues with any foods before. He is 2 1/2 and is also now weighing 33 lbs and a month ago he was 35 lbs. What are your thoughts and feelings on this? I am thinking that this is either a parasitic problem, or a bacterial infection that isn't getting better, obviously because he has been treated for it. I would have thought that my Dr. would have done fecal testing for parasites or bacteria or anything else that could cause this to rule out stuff, but so far they have only done a CBC and a ESR (Sedimentation Rate) test to see if he had signs on Inflammation.... I am so frustrated and upset and scared with all this. To top it all off, with this last blowout on Tuesday with the Diarrhea (and it was BAD) he now has a horrible rash on his inner thighs, his pee pee and the skin around that area, but not so much on his bum. Advice please!?!?!

What questions should I ask the Ped Surgeon? What tests would you ask about? What would you push for??

Thank you so much everyone. I'm sorry this was long, but I needed to vent. I can't take much more of this and the fact that my son isn't himself anymore and he can't eat anything it seems. I'm so heartbroken over all this because I feel like I am failing as a parent because I haven't helped him or I can't help him....


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hang in there. my daughter had bloody stools at 3 months old, so i know what it is like. it did clear up on its own when she started solid food and she hasn't had anymore trouble since. so i can't give advice on whats wrong but i can say "hang in there. it's not your fault. you are doing what you can by taking him to the Dr. and you are not ignoring the problem. It's not easy, but there is a Heavenly Father who you can talk to and Who loves you and your son. Prayer can help in so many ways.

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Also see an allergist! We had this problem with our youngest son. Have had it for 2 YEARS now! We finally got a ped to listen and refer to an allergist. His appointment was 2 days ago.

Found - allergies to milk and tomato (didn't show up on blood test, but he is allergic to the proteins in both). sensitive to soy and citrus, but not fully allergic (yet).

Tested - Cystic Fibrosis! It was fortunately negative, but request the testing. Exceptionally high Eosinophils (13.9 with norm 0-3) which means he's reacting to more than we found, no doubt. IgA deficiency, severe enough to diagnose being immunocompromized (5 with norm of 21-291). Waiting on the other immunoglubulin tests, celiac disease test, and vaccine titres for vaccines he has had several times. All these issues cause severe chronic diarrhea.

You have to push!

Ashley - posted on 10/10/2012




I was just wondering if you found out anything. My 16 month old son is having these problems. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.


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