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Callie - posted on 05/03/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




my 8 month old son has a really hard time eating anything other than the stage 1 & 2 foods. i've tried the stage 3 mixed veggies with the little potato chunks and he gags really bad. i've tried mashing home cooked sweet potatoes (i even added a lot of water), and zucchini (without the seeds), and again he gagged really bad.. but does fine with the jarred sweet potatoes in the stage 1 foods. he can pick small objects up with his thumb and index finger, so i've tried a couple soaked in water cheerios on him and he gags on those too. does this mean he's not ready for thicker, chunkier foods? all those experiences has me terrified of him choking, so i'm afraid to keep trying if it's just a matter of him adjusting to it. thank you for your opinions/advice!


Natalie - posted on 05/03/2009




admittidly I haven't weaned my own daughter yet (have seen nephew and niece weaned tho), and i can appreciate how scary it must be to see your child gag, but remember a child doesn't gag like we do, babies have brilliant gag reflexes and where as we gag on things why they are far into our mouthes..... a baby won't, their gag triggers for them (not a technical term admittidly ! LOL) are far further down their tounge's (nearer the mouth).

hope that makes sense !!!

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My son has a feeding/speech therapist- he is delays and oral motor issues. I was asking her what to introduce my then 8mth old daughter- we were having the same issue w. stage 3 foods. She said that the issue is the combo of textures- mushy and pieces of things. It should be stage 1 and 2 and then introduce bits of things. We started with very small pieces of cheerios and the gerber dissolvable puffs. I think she was about 10mths old before she was able to handle bits of things. Only now at 1yr has she been able to handle the combination of bits and mushy- oatmeal, etc. Just give it some time!

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My son only ate jar(stage 1 and 2) baby food until he was nearly 16 months old. Trust me, it is very frustrating but he would gag and vomit anytime he tried ANYTHING with texture. I was concerned and spoke with his pediatrician about it and he said to just give it time and I worked. One day he just decided he was ready to eat solid foods. Hang in there and just don't push it.


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I'm at the same problem she gags etc chokes my little one isd still on some puree jars I'm terrified to give her lumpier foods ? I've tried 7 month jars but gsgs . I think they will be good and ready when older let them be baby's a bit longer x

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you could always add some rice cereal to it to gradually thicken it up...

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my dietician says baby's will choke as long as they are still making noise while they are choking she says leave them to sort it themselves. ours chokes on everything that goes down because she spits most things out so when it goes down its a shock for her and i dont think she means for it to. usually she sorts herself out within about 5 seconds, shes shes ever choked really badly but my mother in law seems to think its not normal for her to choke this much. i think shes fine though. keep using the pureed consistencies. i still puree vegies for my 13 month old because she either spits out or chokes on the lumps.

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My son did the same thing for the longest time.
Just cause he was so use to the lower stages of baby food.
I wouldn't worry to much, As long as your child is still eating enough and enjoying it.
I wouldn't rush them into it.
If your worried about him being able to feed himself on his own.
just put some food on his highchair table and let him go to town. Give him some more independance. It's really messy I will admit, But it's great for them to teach themselves to accept different types of food.

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My 7 month old daughter does exactly the same as i've just started her on the chunkier foods. i'm trying her on pasta shapes and spaghetti at the minute I've found that if it's cooked down really well if she does find it hard to swallow it is easily dissolved when she sucks on it i'm also trying things that will easily dissolve in the mouth if she does gag. she loves the occassional quaver crisp, bit of milky bar chocolate or rich tea biscuit dunked in her formula milk as a treat. banana's are good to start with as well as they are easily 'mushed' when they're gumming their food.

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There is a difference between gagging and choking. Some kids will gag because of how you react to them doing it, it becomes a kind of a game to them. Watch what his tongue is doing right before and after he gags to see if he is actually choking or just forcing himself to gag for the attention. If he is really choking, don't push it. Every kid is different and there are just as much nutrients in the purreed foods as the chunkier stuff. If he is just doing it for a reaction, you are going to have to practice controlling your reaction to this. I know it can be terrifying, but you know the food is safe and he should be just fine. Hope this helps :)

Sue - posted on 05/03/2009




I would say he is not ready yet! Some LO's are ready sooner and some are ready later. I would try one of those mesh feeds. You take frozen fruit and put a chunk in one and they get the tastes with out the big chunks.

Good Luck

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