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How do I keep my 1 year old DAUGTHER quiet in church. I am not use to childrens church and my daughter is not friendly.


Sharon - posted on 06/13/2010




Until your child is old enough to understand the sounds coming from the pulpit are more than sounds, they are words and a message and you're meant to think about them....

NO CHILD BELONGS IN CHURCH during the service. I was never so freaking bored in my life. I could barely understand what the man up there was saying, the only enjoyable part was the singing and there was never enough of that.

When we moved and found a church that had a childrens' service - different from the nursery and not quite a bible study - I finally found a joy in church.

Don't make your kids suffer the boring ass adult service. For all that is holy - find a church that caters to children.


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No one is arguing about the importance of going to church as a family. I think you and I and Sharon and the OP agree that bringing your children to church and teaching them about God is important. The difference is, I want to be able to take notes and pray without trying to shush my daughter or keep her from crawling under the pews. Plus in the nursery, she gets to sing children's songs about God and do a religious color sheet and play with other children. Again, I'm glad you are part of a church you like that allows your children to be in service with you. But there is also nothing wrong with small children going to their own lesson or class. In fact, most people prefer that.

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Sherri, obviously it's a little different in your case, as your church doesn't provide a nursery. But if a nursery is provided, I would hope that parents would take full advantage of it.

Sharon - posted on 06/13/2010




Children do NOT BELONG in adult services. I'm sorry. You say they are there to learn... LEARN WHAT? how to be bored? How to annoy everyone around them with their fidgeting and constant questions?

How in gods name can they learn a DAMN thing when you've brought a rucksack full of TOYS??

I don't take small children to adult movies, I don't take small children to adult restaurants, and I would never take a small child to adult church services. Children have no appreciation of a 5 star restaurant. Children don't understand movies with adult themes. And there is NO WAY a 2 yr old understands a preacher telling us all how to stay right with christ.

I don't mind a crying baby, I do mind a child playing "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! " games. While mommy does her best to shove a book at the kid with her foot and shush him quietly enough that her neighbors can't hear her.

yeah you think you're slick but trust me, everyone is just to polite to tell you that they all heard you tell your kid to shut up, its almost over.

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Children's church would help make your child more friendly. I could be wrong, but it seems like your child is mostly around just you. Having others watch her will make her more friendly. I also think that snacks and bringing a bag of quiet toys might help, but because the attention span isn't very long, it would have to be several different things.

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To Sherri, whoa now simmer down! If your priest and church members don't mind squealing children, then that's great. I'm happy that you found a church that allows that. However, when most people go to church, they are there to listen and learn and pray. A young child that has not learned to be still and quiet can be a huge distraction. Personally, the last thing I want is for my child to distract someone from hearing something that could change their life. From about age 6 months to 3 years, children are not appropriate in a church service. Nurseries are great at these ages. I wouldn't force a mother to put her child in the nursery, but if her child is a distraction, I'd expect her to leave for a minute out of respect for the other church goers. At about age 4, then they can learn to sit still, sing the songs, and even listen a little.

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My kids are a sucker for food even at 3.5 years old I can still shove cheerios down his throat when he is too squirmy. When he was smaller I would bring him a sippy cup and wrap it in a burp cloth so when he dropped it, it was not too loud and cheerios and gold fish are a life saver. He only has to sit for thirty min as they do the childrens story and childrens church at that point but some times he stays with us. My 4 month old is easily bribed by food also. I NEVER leave home without juice boxes, gold fish, cheerios, and plenty of pre-made bottles.

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We used to walk in the vestibule of the church when my children got noisy. I wanted them to understand that church is a quiet time and a serious time from early on. I read them books at home on my lap and found that I could show them church appropriate books (about Jesus not Mickey Mouse) at church and they'd stay quiet for the better part of the service.

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Why doesn't your church have a nursery or sunday school for the kids? Seems that would be the way to go. Your daughter would get more out of church in the long run if she's learning on her level as opposed to having to learn to sit through a sermon she can't possibly grasp.

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Take her to a nursery. Its nearly impossible to keep quiet a child ages 1 or 1 1/2 (my daughter) during church AND it's hard for you to focus on church.

Jai - posted on 06/13/2010




i agree that it's a lot to ask a 1-year-old to be quiet during an entire church service. their little minds aren't really programmed for that yet. is there some place you can take her for a walk when she gets restless? toys and books are good, too. snacks are also helpful. is there a nursery?

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at my church all the little kiddies bring backpacks with quiet toys (dolls, cars & trucks, crayons & coloring books). she will eventually learn what behavior is accepted at church.

Michelle - posted on 06/13/2010




cheerios and cloth dolls were always helpful. Church behavior will come as the little one gets used to "the rules" there. If the behavior is too ruff, children's church is a great option. Again, she will learn the rules and come to love going.

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