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Crystal - posted on 07/25/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




any advice on what to expect for a 2nd circumcision for my 15 mo old.? they will be doing out patient correctional surgery w/ in the next couple weeks. just nervous for my little guy!


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I had my son in the uk and it's not a common practice over there so i had to wait about a month and unfortunately he still had excess foreskin that made him look uncircumcised. When i got back to my country then my son was 10 months old i had to take him to a urologist that had to use a scalpel and penile block, i was so traumatized. If i could i would have let him be but in Africa our culture demands that we circumcise e our sons, for me it was all about the hygiene and infections ,but don't worry he will be fine, hope they give him a general though cos i don't trust that penile block thing at all my son screamed the hospital down but the surgeon said that because he did not like being restrained, but immediate after the procedure he was his same playful self, have a lot of ibuprofen handy though and forget bathing him for the next few days just wipe him till the site heals. Cheers and Good luck.


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Larrice - posted on 07/25/2009




I know you're really nervous for him. I'm an older Mom of two grown girls. I can tell you though, my X- husband had not been circumcised and eventually started having problems when he went to pee. The pain got so sever he almost passed out at work one day. So, in his late 20's he got circumcised. It was "very" difficult for him. I've heard that when it's done when they're young, they don't remember it. That experience is something my X will NEVER forget. You are wise to take care of it now. Good luck and may God Bess your little one.

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A friend of mine's little guy had a 2nd circumcision when he was less than a year old - I don't know the details about the surgery or recovery but I do know he's just fine and I'm quite sure my girlfriend is glad they went through with it. My first son was circumcised by the same OB and has a lot of excess skin that caused our dealing with adhesions for almost 2 years. We did not choose surgery for our boy and now at nearly 3, it has seemed to correct itself - no adhesions. I'm sorry you're dealing with this! Best wishes for the surgery and recovery!

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