circumcision yes or no?

Makayla - posted on 10/20/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




My DH and I dont want to get our son circumsized. What does everyone think? Should we or not?


Rachael - posted on 10/27/2012





There is no such thing as hygienic reasons to circumcise. it is only for social/cultural purposes. I have read up on so many studies showing the negative side effects of circumcision- from infections to sexual desensitization and negative psychological effects.

It is the worst cry you will ever hear from your baby. To cut such a sensitive area for no real purpose is truly mutilation. We don't circumcise females here. Read up on it before you do it.

There's a really good study out showing the neurological pain the infant endures when going under the procedure. Why would any parent want to do such a thing? For years its become the social norm, however it is FAR from it. It's excruciating pain for the infant in order to satisfy the social expectations of parents.

I never circumcised my son because I could not sit there knowing that pain that he would endure for such a silly purpose. I'm being honest in telling you that you should not feel better about doing this. Human males are created with a sheath for protection. There is good bacteria that lives in the sheath and protects it from infection. When you cut it off, you are exposing the area for possible infection. No male animal gets their sheath cut like humans do. We're the only species who is stupid enough to do so. It's there for a reason. Leave it alone!

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In my opinion, that is a personal decision that should remain between you and your husband. If you don't want to, don't do it.

Personally, after my son is born (this coming February), I do plan on getting him circumcised. It's my choice as his mother. I feel that it would be what's best for him.

Don't let anybody tell you that your decision is wrong. Stick with it if that is what makes you most comfortable.

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Hi All,
I see this is an old post but I saw this issue a lot when researching circumcision for my son and still see it on forums now. I would be interested to know if all your sons penises did come out to look like normal circumcisions? and if any had problems because the skin covered the end?
We had our son circumcised 3 weeks ago using the gomco clamp. I was worried it would remove too much skin but that's all our hospital uses and its what my husband thinks is the best to use. My son is healed good now and I am impressed with the result. The gomco clamp ensures that the skin is cut behind the head from the day its cut and wont allow the skin to cover the end to hide or be a innie lol like described here which I think is caused by other circumcision clamps.
BTW..My husband still has a innie like this when hes not aroused haha :) because he was circumcised loosely when he was 16 yr old and that is why he wanted our son to have a more full style circumcision. We would both be interested to know about other parents experiences and hope all your sons are fine...thanks and take care xo

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Thank all of you who commented. I won't let anyone change my mind. I just was making sure there wasnt a specific reason as to doing it. Thank you very much.

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It's entirely your decision. If you have both said you don't want to then don't.

My son isn't circumsized, I never saw any reason to do it.

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If you and your husband have decided that you don't want to do it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Educate yourself about your decision, arm yourself with knowledge so that if you are questioned you can state the facts if you choose to defend your decision as a parent, which you don't have to do. With that being said my husband and I chose not to circumcise our son, we could find no medical reason to go through with it, and 6 1/2 years later we are still happy with our decision.

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Good. Don't. There is absolutely no TRUE medical necessity to it. Typically it is done out of tradition, religion, or lack of knowledge. My son is not circ'd. I am so glad we did not make a life altering choice for HIS penis. When he is of age, IF he feels he needs to do it, he can make that decision.

It already sounds like you have made a decision. Don't go back on it.

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