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Jennifer - posted on 12/23/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I live in Illinois. And my babys dad wants to claim my baby on income tax I don't want him to I want my parents to claim my son because. I want to start an. Account & save up gor muly son he just wants the money


Joseph Mwangi - posted on 12/23/2013




Am sorry Xmas will have to meet you in such a situation but dont be sorry for yourself.I know mothers,even here in Africa, are always the victims domestic upheavals.In such a case,i would advice that you consult a legal expert to ventilate on how to go about it.It is absolutely necessary to know what the law stipulates at such an event.I know it is hard and painful especially when you have to fight it out for something you both made(from the scratch) but when situations demand so,you have to strike at it in the most diligent,informed and prudent way.

Be sure not to fabricate and frame up issues just to have your way my dear;in the short run it might be very fulfilling as it serve to massage your ego that you hace avenged for the pain he caused.In the long run,am sorry to tell you,it might never cease to pain you and the last thing you want is more pain and regret in the future.

I always advocate for couples to try sort out these challenges(yours is not an isolated one) amicably with a lot of sober reason devoid of emotional outburst(preferably out of court) because the action you all take can determine the fate of the child and her attitude towards you all in the future.If you cannot talk it over however,as i earlier suggested,kindly consult a specialist of these cases.Additionally,it si because this kid will always serve as a constant reminder of your relationship.

Glad to chip in,hope you get helped soon.


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