Clingy Baby!!

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My son is almost 13months and for the past id say 4weeks he is very clingy towards me and it seems to be getting worse if i walk out of a room his in he will follow me around and pull at my legs crying until i pick him up also he wont go to his nan or pop or anyone except me or dad,i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of behaviour and how long it lasted and any ideas to try to help him feel more relaxed? thanks to all :)


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Yep...and it's one of the WORST stages they go through! The moms here called it 'separation anxiety' and talked about 'object permanence'
All I knew to do was assure him I wasn't going anywhere...we would play 'bye bye' and then I'd go to the kitchen for twenty seconds...and be right back. We would play peek-a-boo...I would be confused..where did JC go? and then be surprised when he pulled the towel off. He's learning object permanence...and starting to understand what it means to be WITH someone..and what it means to play alone.
When he would be so bad I couldn't cook dinner...Either call Dad in to 'play' for a bit so you can cook dinner without a twenty pound exercise weight clinging to one leg.
Or, find a carrier or moby wrap and strap him to you. Sometimes a toy he hasn't paid attention to lately will help...scatter it in the kitchen floor and try to get him interested in the toy instead of your leg. (My boy used to stand behind us whining and tug on your pockets. Don't wear jogging pants!)
From what I remember, this behavior lasted from around 12 months until maybe 16 months with my son.
The real breakthrough came when he would search out a room to play in by himself. I would freak out...where is he? And he would be alone in the laundry room playing with two trucks and the dog. I would leave him alone...(only sneaking around the door jamb to be sure he's okay) and he might not come out looking for me for 10 minutes. That was when I had a sigh of relief...this stage is coming to an end!
When you come out on the other side of this stage...You WILL be a stronger woman!


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My daughter went through the same thing at that age. It was really frustrating because I couldn't even fix her a bottle without having her at my feet crying to be held. She adjusted and is no longer like this. It was a rough month or so, but she moved on to other annoying things ;).

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This is a stage, the best you can do is reasure your little one "mommy's here, it's okay" or just keep talking to him even from a different room. Many mom's go through this worring that it's something that is gonna stay and it doesn't. Just another stage we go throught as mom's. It's hard and trying sometimes, but before you know it, he'll be 14 years old and you'll be trying to track him down,

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