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Nurain - posted on 03/31/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all,

I am a mother of two, the first one is 1 yr and 10months while 2nd baby is 4 months. Lately I always have clogged milk ducts problem. I pumped my breast average every 3 hours while my baby is being fed direct from me. The first one will drink the expressed milk. Even so, I had the same repeated issue at the same spot. I took Lechitin supplement, applied hot compressed, massage..but it always occur..And it always come along with fever. I had consult with doctor, but basicall all the advices are everything i do daily.

Can you suggest any other way I can do to best treat and solve my problem?


Sarah - posted on 03/31/2016




I had an area in my right breast that would get clogged frequently. I found pumping did not relieve the clog but either the baby sucking or me manually expressing the milk thru the blocked area. When I fed baby, I started on the clogged side every time and alternate baby's nose pointing at the clog and then pointing the other way (if you can turn baby in that direction). I did find the shower the best place to manually express clogged milk. Mostly because it sprayed everywhere. Start by finding the dense area or most painful area, that is the backed up milk forcing your ducts to be full and very sore. Press gently from behind that spot towards your nipple. Examine your nipple, if you see any white matter or what looks like a white spot near the tip, try to press that thru and out. This may take a few attempts, when the blockage is freed you will know because when you push on the thickened or painful part, milk will flow from you breast. Sometimes I did not even have to press but the the milk would just flow on out and relieve the pain. At times there was more than one blockage, and they'd come out looking like little lumps of cottage cheese. So I'd massage and express, a lump would pass, milk would flow and stop then I'd massage and press another lump would pass and more milk would flow. If you are actually getting a fever or you r breast is hot and red you may need antibiotics.

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