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Miranda - posted on 03/27/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Do your kids have birthdays close to each other? Hubby and I were talking about another one and one option would result in Jan 1st bday...end of Jan...and Feb 9th. Too close?


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Jackalope - posted on 03/27/2015




In my family there's 5 birthdays in February (my son, my Dad, my nephews, and my niece) plus my anniversary. We just pick one day out of the month to celebrate all the birthdays. My sister and I are 2 years apart, but our birthdays are 2 weeks apart from each other. We had birthday parties together every year, and we never had a problem with it.

Jennifer - posted on 03/27/2015




It isn't always possible to plan exactly when a baby will be born no matter how hard you try to tome a pregnancy. If at all possible though, close birthdays are best avoided. My great aunt and grandmother are five years apart and their birthdays are less than a month apart. The family started celebrating the birthdays together and my grandmother told me that my great aunt secretly resented her for many years for taking away her special day. They grew closer as they got older but from what little they have told me it I judge that it probably strained their relationship growing up. I think its best for both kids to have their birthdays far apart.

Also it's less stress on you because if you DO give them separate birthday celebrations, you have to go through all that trouble twice in quick succession. And if money is tight it is best to spread out that expense.

Sarah - posted on 03/27/2015




My husband and son are 1 month apart in birthdays. Me and my daughter are a week apart. My 4th is due one day before my third ' s birthday. My sister and I are 4 days apart. None of us have a big deal with them being close. The only hard part is that financially you get hit with birthday expenses back to back so you just have to budget wisely and plan things out.

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