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Unfortunately, the best way to do it is to work around the naps. The naps are very important, and so is socializing and getting out-- for both him and you!

Try to plan your outings when you know he will be awake. You can leave for an outing as soon as he wakes from his morning nap and plan so that you will be home in time for the second nap. If his second nap is too early after the first one, you can plan afternoon outings instead of morning. Or, if his first nap isn't until 10 am or so, you could do early morning outings.

Remember that at this age, outings need to be kept fairly have about an hour and half, MAYBE 2 hours before he becomes exhausted with the extra stimuli and needs a break. If you try to stay out much longer than that at one time, he'll get fussy, or he'll be really difficult to put to sleep that evening.

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