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Without living there I can't judge whether your kids are excessively noisy or not. My neighbors get huge groups together to watch soccer games on weeknights and it is annoying to be kept up
One huge red flag I see in your post is your 3 yo doe not talk? He should be speaking in full sentences by now. Unless I missed something about him having special needs, get his speech and hearing checked promptly. In the meantime, try teaching him some sign language to help him communicate without screaming. You'd be surprised what just a few signs can do to ease frustration. Stop, share, more, hungry, thirsty, all done, please and thank you.
What does it say in your rental agreement about noise after a certain hour?

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Check your rental agreement for noise policies. If your kids are in violation, regardless of your circumstances (teething, or the 3 YO simply refuses to speak, and screams constantly...which would get on my nerves, parent or not...), then it is up to you, as the parent to rectify the situation.

First of all, fix your sleep schedule. I've moved plenty of times, and all with young children. Our sleep schedules never got so out of whack that my kids were up past 10, even during the moves.

If your 3 YO is screaming, and there is no diagnosis of delay or special needs, then teach the kid to use his words. He screams at you because you automatically give in to him. He is continuing, because you are finding it easier to give in than to make him use his signs or words.

If your 1 YO is still waking in the middle of the night, screaming, on a consistent basis, I'd have them checked out as well. Most kids by that age are fairly consistent sleepers. If they are waking and screaming to get your attention, perhaps a baby monitor would help.

Bottom line: Apartment living with children is not ideal, and the main burden falls on the parents to keep their kids in line, teach them appropriate indoor behaviour and voices, get them out enough to run off energy every day, etc.

Good luck.

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