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You have done nothing wrong! I know how easy it is to feel that way but you have not done anything wrong! My daughter went through the same thing when she started walking. I wish there was one thing to do to fix it but all kids are different. It is totally normal. It's mostly because so many things are happening at once. .... getting molars or more teeth, learning to walk, realizing more who mommy and daddy are And needing comfort. The good news isthat your son has fallen asleep on his own before so he will again! What we did took about 3 weeks before she was back to going to sleep on her own again. We did usual night time routines with bath then milk then looking at a book. When she would cry once lights were out we waited 5 min then went back in to comfort her and then tried it again waited 10 min and went back in and she would be out. I personally had a hard time letting her cry so I would rock her and holds her but after a few weeks she did go back to sleeping on her own. I hope this helps and good luck.

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JA - posted on 03/24/2015




Thank you! helps to hear that this is normal and may take awhile to get him back on track. He is my first so I'm still learning. he isn't consistently sleeping through the night so I accepted that but i didn't expect his sleep to regress and would have to use the old methods again. But I see now that this can continue in the future with another milestone or molars coming in so I'll try to be more prepared. Thanks for your advice :)

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