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Does anybody use cloth diapers? What has been your experience with them and what brand/type do you use? What do you like and dislike about them?
Any input would be helpful, thanks!!!!


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I used cloth diapers and it wasnt hard. I do agree with the woman above, at night was difficult because my son would wake up wet. So I would use a disposable one at night. I used a product that helped a lot when i used the cloth diapers, with the poop. Its a flushable liner that you lay on the diaper before you put it on so when they poop it goes on the liner and you can pick it up and flush it. Less poop on the diaper...easier to wash.

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I use a one size pocket called Rocky Mountain Diapers. My choice was narrowed down between those and FuzziBunz. I chose RMD, because they are 100% made in the USA. All other factors were equal, and that was the tipping point for me. :)

I have 12 diapers total. I have 9 set to my 5 month old's size. The other 3 are for my 3 year old. She uses them when she sleeps. I wash and hang to dry every morning. If I know I'm going somewhere, I put them on the wash the night before and in the dryer first thing in the morning.

I've only used disposables when we are away from home overnight, or when there is a bad diaper rash. Most diaper rash creams are harmful to the cloth diapers. I have a cream that is okay with the diapers from, but some rashes require more heavy duty cream.

I'm very blessed that there is a local cloth diaper company here that sells several different brands and cloth diaper related products. A mom created this company, and she now has representatives in several cities around Louisiana and Texas that work from their homes. A rep sat with me for four hours in her home, and taught me all about cloth diapers...the different types, how to use them, wash them, etc. Maybe you can glean some useful information from their website. They also have a facebook fan page. People are constantly posting questions and the reps are quick to answer.

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I use cloth diapers, I love them. I do use disposable when I am out and about, and for night time use becaues my daughter is a heavy wetter and I would rather not wake her up to change her diaper if I don't have to. I use Kawaii Baby Diapers, they are inexpensive yet very high quality. They are one size pocket diapers, so they grow with your child (8 lbs - 35 lbs) and you can add extra absorbency via the pocket part. I do know a lot of people love the old fashioned prefolds though with a water proof diaper cover, but I have never tried them.

I love that they are reusable and they save A LOT of money on diapers. I also love that they come in so many cute and funky designs. You can get minky (which are really soft feeling) or just crazy colorful ones. They also regulate heat better because they are breathable, and they don't cause as much diaper rash I have noticed. And when they start walking it's like they have a big pillow attached to their bums and it doesn't hurt as much to fall down! My daughter much prefers her cloth diapers to disposable. I dislike the fact that once your baby starts eating solids you have to start scraping their poop into the toilet before you clean them (their poop before that is water soluble so you can just toss them in the wash without scraping), and sometimes it can be difficult to get a load of diapers done with everything else happening around the house.

To save even more money with them I would hang them to dry, it also helps keep the diapers newer longer. The heat from dryers breaks down the fibres in the diapers much quicker then hanging them would. And you can also get nasty stains out (if you care) by putting some lemon juice on them and setting them out in the sun.


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Thank you Tyrae, do you buy the Kawaii Diapers online? I was hoping to find some in a local store; no luck though. Do you know if they are an online store only?

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