clothes size went Justice at mall and had baby girl try on pants so I will know her size she is a big girl she fit a size 16 1/2 but if course the clothes there are to high for my budget and have realized that all the stires have there on sizing methed so how do I figure out her size


Jodi - posted on 10/26/2014




These days it seems just about every brand has different sizing. If your daughter is size 16 1/2, I'm thinking she is too old for you to buy for her, so you'd have to take her shopping with you anyway. Even my 9 year old gets choice in her clothing and I don't shop for clothes for her without her coming with me.


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Chet - posted on 10/26/2014




Justice has a lot of coupons and discounts. If you've been to the store and confirmed that your daughter is a size 16 1/2 start watching the Justice website for deals online and sign up for the coupons. I never pay $45 for pants at Justice. I usually pay $12 to $20.

Lands End is another good website for plus sized kids clothing. It's more classic and a lot less trendy than Justice, but it's good for basics. If you call them their telephone agents are extremely helpful with sizing and fit. They also have a lot of coupons and promotions. I never buy anything at Lands End without a 30% off discount code, and I usually get free shipping too.

Both Justice and Lands End have easy returns. I've been really happy buying from both online. I can't stand going into Justice stores, but am very happy dealing with them online.

Gena - posted on 10/26/2014




Here where i live with my family, the sizes are marked in cm. 98/104 etc. My son is very tall for his age,but he is small around his hips. Sometimes a 110 size pants is good in the length but too wide around the hips. I just check at eatch store,because some clothes have a different cut. Its difficult when somebody asks me for his clothes size,because sometimes a 104 is ok and lots of times its too small. I think you will just have to check out some different stores to check the cuts of the clothes.

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